Work With Me Privately

Congrats on making the commitment to grow your business! For the last decade I’ve been working with determined leaders, like you, that need a temporary marketing boost to bridge the gap from frustration to success

A 1:1 custom engagement provides access to my “Marketing Success Formula” brand strategy framework. In this case, I’ll take the lead on strategy and execution and we can get your brand up and running more quickly. Together via private sessions, we’ll work through the following exercises: 

➔ A deep-dive into your current model; understanding your customer and their motivators; exploring what’s working; what could be improved; and where you see the biggest opportunities ahead.

➔ Once we’ve laid that foundation, we can begin to articulate your unique value proposition (your value offer) and identify opportunities to uniquely express the benefits you provide your customers in a way that no one else can touch.

➔ Finally, we’ll deliver your marketing blueprint for success, outlining a clear and simple path towards more engagement and more sales.

I recently worked with an eCommerce client that wanted to get their website up and running pronto so they could start selling! By guiding them through the tried-and-true brand discovery process, we developed a unique positioning that is certain to connect the right customers to their products and will help them stand out in a crowded space. In just a few weeks, they had the brand framework in place and were ready to launch their website! 

“Colleen had a clear and detailed step by step plan in developing a marketing strategy that embodied our vision and helped us execute upon it. She left us with a detailed guide on how to approach our communications that is clear to follow and we have already received positive engagement from implementing it. She is truly professional and patient; and ensured we received what we wanted. I would work with Colleen again for our communications and marketing needs.”

Ready for a simple process of your own?

It’s time to STOP the draining hustle of trying to do it all. This  program is specifically designed to help you regain more freedom in your schedule, while I do the heavy lifting. 

In just a few short weeks from now you’ll have:

★ A marketing path mapped out. Totally do-able action steps that are aligned with your business and your team, focused on sustainable and ongoing growth.

★ Tamed your to-list. You’re now confidently following the blueprint and know that the steps you are taking are designed to get your business to the next level.

★ Axed the busy work, the unnecessary trials and on-off marketing attempts. Instead, you’re focusing only on the activities and actions that bring you both satisfaction and success.

★ Stepped fully back into doing the work you love, with renewed passion for your business and the free time needed to connect and delegate.

The Investment 

The investment for this 1:1 program starts at $8000 + creative costs (where applicable). The 4-week lead time assures that fundamental deliverables are available quickly so you can pivot from frustration to success almost immediately. 

With your blueprint in hand, you now know WHO, WHAT and HOW to better connect with your customers, allowing you to lead with less effort and more confidence. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. Think of all that we can accomplish in 4 weeks together!

I only work with 2 private clients at a time so please schedule a time on my calendar. As soon as we have an Agreement in place, I’ll schedule a kick-off call, where we will map out the timeline and next steps.

 I look forward to working together!