Coming soon! If you can’t join the first live workshop, sign up for access to the self-directed course launching in June.

You’ll have access to the same great course content, at a self-directed pace. 

Over the course of 3 modules, you will master fundamental marketing strategies, with a clear understanding of WHO, WHAT, and HOW to better connect with your customers.

Become a marketing pro!

  1. Create your 10-second elevator pitch.
  2. Get to know the customer personas that WANT IN on with your product or service now.
  3. Own the difference that elevates your product or service in the competitive landscape.
  4. Identify any barriers that stand between your ideal customers and your product or service.
  5. Write meaningful messages that guide even hesitant customers to purchase.
  6. Connect effortlessly with your customers using predictable processes that produce predictable results.

It’s a jam packed course for anyone looking to be more strategic in how they approach their marketing strategy and grow their business. 

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PS Don’t want to wait to wait that long to kick-start your business growth? Contact me here to discuss options for a 1:1 engagement that will get you to the other side more quickly.