My inner child is so happy!

My first blog post! I’ve always loved to write. As a kid I used to write short stories, on loose-leaf papers that were stapled together. As I step more and more into myself, I’m reminded of so many of the things I loved as a child and am looking to recreate them now.

I’ve always identified as a writer.  I’m not a formal writer by profession but I’m passionate about the English language and choosing the words that fit together in the best possible way to convey the message or tell the story. I had a manager tell me once that my business emails were the best he ever read – that was such a compliment! There’s so much power in the words we choose and I take that responsibility seriously. 

I have adopted the belief that “thoughts become things” and our words frame our thoughts. So I try to be careful about what I say or write. #worstdayever may just become that. #lovemylife is what I’m always working towards, even in the moments I’m not feeling it. And when things aren’t going my way, I can probably find the words to work around that feeling. After a particularly stressful few weeks, I was inspired to write, “I am abundant in lessons learned”. See what I did there?!

I remind my children often to follow this rule. Before making a statement about someone or something else, first ask yourself: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?  Once you start filtering your words, you may realize the immense power they hold. Talk more about the things you want and give less attention to those things that aren’t making you happy. Soon you’ll be seeing more of the good stuff because you’re putting your focus there!

I gave myself the gift of this blog because writing makes me happy. As I step into the next chapter of my life, I’m looking to bring in more love, more light and more ways to feel good about the things around me. If you’re still reading this, wow…and thank for taking a moment to read the words I lovingly strung together. #Namaste