The benefits of evolving your personal brand.

The benefits of evolving your personal brand.

Wishful thinking is the first step. #startdreaming

Many times I have listened to friends and colleagues complain about their jobs – covering a plethora of issues from general disdain for the company or the work itself, to more specifics like commuting time, long works hour and/or low-pay. I would nod in sympathy and tell them I’m sorry. Possibly offer a reasonable suggestion. But in the past several years as I have done the work on my own “mindset”, I have come to realize that establishing and committing to the evolution of our own personal brand is likely the key to happiness in business. How so? Keep reading…

Did you know that complaining can be healthy?

Complaining about your job or career is the first step to potentially making a positive change. The contrast of being unhappy allows your mind to explore new possibilities. Once those new ideas begin to form, more will continue to follow. It’s the benefit of momentum! Great ideas often evolve from daydreaming. There is no reason to believe that what you started out doing 2, 3 or even 10 years ago is what you are destined to do forever. Your #personalbrand should continue to evolve as your career progresses. If you feel stuck in your career, it may be time evolve your thinking and get moving in a new direction.

Evolving your brand doesn’t have to be hard.

I’ve worked with fabulous marketers that originally trained as engineers. And tech founders that were medical doctors. The only thing standing between you and your dream is…you! I know that leap can seem overwhelming. Choosing authenticity in a day or age where every photo has a filter and memes are how we share our feelings can feel scary. But there is no better way to connect with your intended audience than being authentic. Your story may be exactly what someone else out there in your digital network is waiting to hear.

Not sure how to get started? That’s where #SanctuaryBrands comes in. We can help you finesse your personal brand story, tweak your social media footprint and even update your website to better align with the future you. There is no better time than the present. Start dreaming and get started today!

The Sanctuary Brands story

The Sanctuary Brands story

It started with a mantra, something I used to say to myself all the time: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. It was my go-to line when I needed to reframe my thoughts, or when I felt stuck, uninspired. Sanctuary Brands evolved with intention when I knew I was ready to take the next step.

In retrospect, I’ve always been a professional helper. Companies hired me to lend a hand when they were in transition, short staffed or needed to outsource a specific project. I happily jumped in to get the job done. Over the years, all those small (and not so small) projects gave me expertise in a wide range of industries: healthcare, consumer products, non-profit, commercial real estate. When I took a step back and started to add it all up, I realized it didn’t matter what industry it was, it was the personal connections that motivated me. The people I met and the companies I worked with allowed me to cultivate a unique set of skills.  Changing the way I looked at things showed me that I hadn’t just stumbled into this line of work on accident, I was thriving as a professional helper and I was excited to start the next chapter.

Over the years I found there was nothing more rewarding to me than helping clients articulate, define and develop a comprehensive voice for their brand. If your brand was a person, what would they think, say, do? Giving space to that thought allowed me to connect with the song in my heart, quiet for so long, but suddenly ready to be heard. From that place, Sanctuary Brands was born.

My goal is to work with companies and people that are ready to make an intentional change. If something isn’t working, let us take a look and help you to evolve it. From a total brand overhaul to managing a complex project, we will work with you to get your brand and your business back on track. When you are ready to refresh your perspective, let’s connect!

Finding my way – a love story.

As I begin to wrap up 2018, my mind wanders to the accomplishments of the past 12 months. There’s always the expectation that life will move faster in the areas I want…from financial success to achieving health goals. On the flip-side of that I’m shocked and appalled by how quickly my children are growing! I see photos of my oldest son, now 14, just four years ago and it hurts my heart. Older women used to stop me at the grocery store and smile at my gaggle of kids and comment on how quickly it goes. I understood they were coming from a place of love and nostalgia but it didn’t make a dent in my desire to get those kids home and later that day, get them into bed in the in the most timely fashion possible. Nostalgia is funny is that way – I’d give my arm to go back to one of those days, even if it was the most exhausting day ever, and kiss my babies. But we can only wish for that kind of backwards travel from a future place – and that requires time. Evolution is necessary to appreciate the past.

So as I look back at 2018, I also give gratitude for the balance I have brought into my life. I’ve learned to appreciate the natural pace of life, even when my impatient self is willing things to move faster. I appreciate the smaller moments; the bedtime kisses and cuddles, the authentic laughter shared with my teenager, the glass of wine with my husband after a long day, the funny text message from a friend that sets me off into fits of laughter. Life’s not a race but more like a stroll. I challenge myself every day to take in the moments – the small, tedious ones and the big, happy ones. When you wrap them up together, they add up to ALL.

If I could time travel and go back to myself at 14, I’d tell her to ignore everything else and focus all her energies on feeling good. When you feel good on the inside, really good, everything else falls into place. Find ALL the ways to feel good and stay there as long as you can.  I wish I had known that earlier, or more consistently, in my life. It’s such a simple trick but it can feel impossible until we really commit to it. Just remember: practice makes perfect. 

There is something so liberating about stepping into the person I have become. To name the things I accept – and gracefully acknowledge that this is a process that will continue to evolve. I am certain I will not reach the finish line in this lifetime…especially since my route seems to change every day. But I am certainly going to enjoy the stroll, sometimes more like a frantic jog, and embrace my moments.

I wish the same for you. Namaste!